Bringing Your Walls to Life has never Been Easier!

Our Wall Hogger™ range of vertical garden planters, have been designed using a special spun durable fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.This fabric provides optimal growing conditions for your plants for several seasons.

Vertical planting is revolutionising the world of gardening. Wall Hogger™ planters are compact and flexible and can transform almost any vertical surface - curved, flat or contoured - into a beautiful productive garden for your plants, herbs, fruits, veg and flowers.

Ideal for any wall, fence, shed or outbuilding, large or small, including gardens with limited space or challenging conditions. They are well suited to urban environments and you will be amazed at what you can grow while conserving water, space, time and effort. The Wall Hogger™ range has been designed to be used on their own or they can be put next to each other to form a garden or display of any size.

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The Wall Hogger™ vertical planters make it easy to create a wall garden of any shape and size. Simply measure the size of garden you desire and choose your Wall Hogger™ planters to fit the space. You can use any combination of planters, please see our section on designing a wall garden at the top of the page.

Wall Hogger™ and Pot Hogger™ planters are made from recycled plastic bottles. The fabric is strong and durable, provides an optimal growing environment and fosters strong, stable roots. Within the individual pouches the plants and soil are held securely and the special fabric helps maintain a consistent soil temperature and moisture level.

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 Wall Hogger™ and Pot Hogger™ Key Benefits

  • Aerates the soil for optimum root growth
  • Allows heat to dissipate in the summer and provides thermal
    insulation in the winter
  • Auto prunes roots and prevents root circling
  • Creates a dense and fibrous root structure
  • Improves growing times
  • Enables better use of water and nutrients
  • Encourages stronger, healthier and better quality plants.

Environmental Benefits

  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Leaves a smaller carbon footprint
  • Reuse of plastic bottles
  • No requirement for the use of new fossil fuels

Pot Hoggers™ are perfect for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growing. They create better conditions than plastic, ceramic/clay pots or raised beds.They are also great to use with drippers, overhead sprinkler systems and any type of growing medium. Pot Hoggers™ are lightweight, durable and easy to store. They can be washed, sterilised and reused for many seasons.


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