Choosing Your Plants

Choosing Plants for your Living Wall Garden

When planning your vertical garden, you need to think about the environment where your living wall will be displayed. For instance, if your green wall will be in a shady, partial sun or full sun position, the plants you choose will need to reflect this. Some of the larger displays we build can even hold all three types, living walls outside of a hotel were started in a covered area where shade loving plants such as ferns were used. As the wall garden came out into the partial sun light and then full sun the species of suitable plants were used accordingly. The plant choice we use for our indoor displays are quite different. The main aspect as with any gardening project is to research, plan and choose from the varieties which suit your environmental conditions.

Below is a list containing plants we have successfully used in our vertical wall garden projects using the Wall Hogger range of planters. The list contains a mixture of plants for different living wall environments. Some species such as Heuchera have many different colours available to choose from. This list is not meant as a definitive list but more of a planting guide for wall gardens. Remember to check a plant's growing conditions.

adiantum capillus veneris - maiden hair fern150Adiantum Capillus Veneris - Maiden Hair Fern 

adiantum pedatum - northern maidenhair fern150Adiantum Pedatum - Northern Maidenhair Fern 

adiantum_venustum150Adiantum Venustum - Himalayan Maidenhair Fern

aglaonema silver queen150Aglaonema Silver Queen - Chinese Evergreen

armeria dusseldorf pride - thrift150Armeria Dusseldorf Pride - Thrift

armeria maritima - thrift150Armeria Maritima - Thrift 

asparagus - foxtail fern150 Asparagus - Foxtail Fern

asparagus plumosa fern150Asparagus - Plumosa Fern

ajuga reptans - blue bugle150Ajuga Reptans - Blue Bugle 

aglaonema maria150Aglaonema Maria - Chinese Evergreen

alchemilia mollis - ladys mantle150Alchemilia Mollis - Ladys Mantle

aralia snow flake150Aralia - Snow Flake

asplenium scolopendrium150Asplenium Scolopendrium - Hart's Tongue Fern 

aubretia - rock cress150Aubretia - Rock Cress 

begonia rex150Begonia - Rex

bergenia - elephant ears150Bergenia - Elephant Ears

bergenia cordifolia - heartleaf150Bergenia Cordifolia - Heartleaf 

bergenia harzkristall - elephants ears150Bergenia Harzkristall - Elephants Ears

birds nest fern150 Asplenium Nidus - Birds Nest Fern

blechnum spicant150Blechnum Spicant - Hard Fern

bletiila striata - chineese ground orchid150Bletiila Striata - Chineese Ground Orchid 

bouteloua curtipendula - sideoats grass150Bouteloua Curtipendula - Sideoats Grass

caladium150Caladium Scarlet Pimpernel - Heart of Jesus

carex grass -frosted curls150Carex Grass - Frosted Curls

carex oshimensis evergold grass150Carex Oshimensis - Evergold Grass

centranthus ruber - jupiters beard150Centranthus Ruber - Jupiters Beard

cerastium tomentosum - snow in summer150Cerastium Tomentosum - Snow in Summer

chamomile nobile treneague - roman chamomile150Chamomile Nobile Treneague - Roman Chamomile

chlorophytum comosum grass - ribbon150Chlorophytum Comosum - Ribbon Grass

codiaeum revolution150Codiaeum - Croton Revolution

coreopsis grandiflora -tickseed150Coreopsis Grandiflora - Tickseed

croton petra150Codiaeum - Croton Petra

cymbidium - boat orchid150Cymbidium - Boat Orchid 

cyrtomium fortunei - holly fern150Cyrtomium Fortunei - Holly Fern

dendrobium - tree orchid150Dendrobium - Tree Orchid

deschampsia flexuosa tatra gold - wavy hair grass150Deschampsia Flexuosa Tatra Gold - Wavy Hair Grass

dianthus la bourboule - pink150Dianthus La Bourboule - Pink 

dracaena dragon tree150Dracaena -  Dragon Tree

dryopteris affinis - scaly male fern150Dryopteris Affinis - Scaly Male Fern

dryopteris erythrosora - japanese shield fern150Dryopteris Erythrosora - Japanese Shield Fern

echinacea purpurea - echinacea150Echinacea Purpurea - Echinacea Purple

epipactis palustris - marsh orchid150Epipactis Palustris - Marsh Orchid

erigeron karvinskianus - daisy fleabane150Erigeron Karvinskianus - Daisy Fleabane

euphorbia amygdaloides pupurea - wood spurge150Euphorbia Amygdaloides Pupurea - Purple Wood Spurge

festival burgundy150Cordyline - Festival Burgundy

festuca glauca grass - elijah blue150Festuca Glauca Grass - Elijah Blue

ficus benjamina150Ficus Benjamina - Fig

ficus pumila150Ficus Pumila - Creeping Fig

fragaria vesca - wild strawberry150Fragaria Vesca - Wild Strawberry 

gaillardia pulchella - indian blanket150Gaillardia Pulchella - Indian Blanket

green fittonia150Fittonia Verschaffeltii - Nerve Plant

gynura purple passion150Gynura Aurantiaca Purple Passion - Velvet Plant

helianthemum wisley - rock rose150Helianthemum Wisley - Rock Rose 

helianthemum wisley primrose - rock rose150Helianthemum Wisley Primrose - Rock Rose

heuchera electra - alum root150Heuchera Electra - Alum Root

heuchera fireworks - alum root150Heuchera Fireworks - Alum Root

heuchera green spice - coral bells150Heuchera Green Spice - Coral Bells 

heuchera purple petticoats - coral bells150Heuchera Purple Petticoats - Coral Bells

hosta halcyon - plantain lily 150Hosta Halcyon - Plantain Lily

iberis sempervirens - candytuft150Iberis Sempervirens - Candytuft

iron cross begonia150Begonia - Iron Cross

liatris spicata - blazing star150Liatris Spicata - Blazing Star

lipstick-hoya150Hoya - Lipstick

liriope muscari - lilyturf150Liriope Muscari - Lilyturf

lithodora diffusa heavenly blue150 -Lithodora Diffusa Heavenly Blue - Gromwell

luzula nivea - great wood-rush150Luzula Nivea - Great Wood-Rush

money tree150Pachira Aquatica - Money Tree

muhlenbergia capillaries - regal mist grass150Muhlenbergia Capillaries - Regal Mist Grass

nephrolepis cordifolia - button lemon fern150Nephrolepis Cordifolia - Button Lemon Fern 

omphalodes verna - blue-eyed mary150Omphalodes Verna - Blue-Eyed Mary

ophiopogon japonicas - dwarf mondo grass150Ophiopogon Japonicas - Dwarf Mondo Grass

oxalis - clover150Oxalis - Clover

pachysandra terminalis - japanese spurge150Pachysandra Terminalis - Japanese Spurge

peace lily150Spathiphyllum Wallisii - Peace Lily

peperomia emerald ripple150Peperomia Caperata - Emerald Ripple

philodendron black cardinal150Philodendron - Black Cardinal

philodendron moonlight150Philodendron - Moonlight 

philodendron selloum150Philodendron -  Selloum

philodendron sweetheart150Philodendron - Sweetheart

phlox subulata - moss phlox150Phlox Subulata - Moss Phlox

pilea moon valley150Pilea Mollis - Moon Valley 

pink caladium150Caladium - Pink

pink fittonia150Fittonia Pink - Nerve Plant

pleione formosana - windowsil orchid150Pleione Formosana - Windowsil Orchid

polopodium glycyrrhiza - licorice fern150Polopodium Glycyrrhiza - Licorice Fern 

polypodium vulgare - common polypody150Polypodium Vulgare - Common Polypody

polysticitum polyblepharum - tassel fern150Polysticitum Polyblepharum - Tassel Fern

ponytail palm tree150Beaucarnea Recurvata - Ponytail Palm Tree

pothos neon150Pothos Neon

pratia pedunculata - blue star creeper150Pratia Pedunculata - Blue Star Creeper

primula vulgaris - primrose150Primula Vulgaris - Primrose

rabbit foot fern150Davallia - Rabbit Foot Fern

red aglaonema150Red Aglaonema  - Chinese Evergreen

red anthurium150Red Anthurium - Flamingo Flower

red fittonia150Red Fittonia - Nerve Plant

red maranta150Red Maranta - Prayer Plant

salvia coccinea - scarlet sage150Salvia Coccinea - Scarlet Sage

salvia greggii - blackcurrant sage150Salvia Greggii - Blackcurrant Sage

saxifraga x urbrum150Saxifraga X Urbrum - London Pride

schefflera arboricola150Schefflera Arboricola - Dwarf Umbrella Tree

schizachyrium scoparium - little blue stem grass150Chizachyrium Scoparium - Little Blue Stem Grass

sednum ruby glow - stonecrop150Sednum Ruby Glow - Stonecrop

sedum acre - stonecrop150Sedum Acre - Stonecrop

sedum caeruleum - stonecrop150Sedum Caeruleum - Stonecrop

sedum spectabile brillant - stonecrop150Sedum Spectabile Brillant - Stonecrop

sempervivum montanum - houseleek150Sempervivum Montanum - Houseleek

setcreasea purpurea purple heart150Setcreasea Purpurea - Purple Heart

silene schafta - catchfly150Silene Schafta - Catchfly

sisyrinchium striatum - aunt may150Sisyrinchium Striatum - Aunt May

song of india150Dracaena Reflexa - Song of India

songoniyum150Songoniyum - Arrowhead Vine

spider plant150Spider Plant - Chlorophytum Comosum

stachys lanata silver carpet - lambs tongue150Stachys Lanata Silver Carpet - Lambs Tongue

strawberry begonia150Strawberry Begonia

tanacetum coccineum - painted daisy150Tanacetum Coccineum - Painted Daisy

tellima grandiflora - fringecups150Tellima Grandiflora - Fringecups

thelypteris kunthii - southern shield fern150Thelypteris Kunthii - Southern Shield Fern

tiarella cordifolia - heartleaf foamflower150Tiarella Cordifolia - Heartleaf Foamflower

uncinia uncinata rubra - red hook grass150Uncinia Uncinata Rubra - Red Hook Grass

varigated ficus pumila150Varigata Ficus Pumila - Varigrated Creeping Fig

varigated strawberry begonia150Varigated Strawberry Begonia 

viola columbine150Viola Columbine

viola cornuta hansa150Viola Cornuta Hansa

viola queen charlotte150Viola Queen Charlotte

wandering jew tradescantia fluminensis150Tradescantia Fluminensis - Wandering Jew

white anthurium150White Anthurium - Flamingo Flower